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Frequently Asked Questions
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What is a Reverse Mortgage?
Reverse mortgages are designed for homeowners 62 years of age or older, to convert part of their homes equity into tax-free income. You continue to own your home and remain on the property’s title.

Are the reverse mortgage proceeds taxable?
The monies received from a reverse mortgage are not taxable income. We recommend a tax advisor for any specific tax questions.

Do I still pay property taxes and insurance?
You continue to own and maintain you home. You are responsible to pay the property taxes, home owners insurance, and home repairs.

Will my heirs or estate owe more on my home?
The home stands for the debt. Therefore, no debt will ever be passed along to the heirs or estate. If the heirs decide to sell the home. Than any equity that remains, they can keep the difference.  

Can I sell my home or payoff the loan anytime?
Yes, you can sell your home anytime and there is no pre-payment penalty. You continue to own your home and there are no restrictions for you to sell your home.

When is the loan repaid?
A reverse mortgage is a loan secured by borrower’s home and must be repaid. It is most commonly repaid by sale of the home or the heirs can keep the home by acquiring a new mortgage on the home. The loan is due and payable when the last remaining borrower sells the property, permanently leaves the home, or passes away.

What types of properties are eligible?
Single family homes, multifamily homes, condominiums, town homes and PUDS are eligible.

What happens if my spouse passes away? 
As long as one of you remains in the home, no repayment is required.

What is a counseling certificate?
Before applying for a reverse mortgage you are required to obtain a counseling certificate, completed by an independent (HUD) reverse mortgage counselor. We can provide you with a list for you to contact. The counseling session can be completed either by the telephone, or in person. At the end of the session, you will receive a Certificate of Borrower Counseling, which we will need in order to proceed with processing your reverse mortgage.

Are there any restictions on how I can use the money?
There are no restrictions on how you use the reverse mortgage proceeds. You can use the money any way you wish!



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Learn the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage lets you convert the equity in your home into cash. Your lifestyle could be significantly easier by relieving the burden of your monthly mortgage payment, or by supplementing your income.

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