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About Regional Reverse Mortgage

A Leading Local Reverse Mortgage Broker With 20 Years of Experience.

Regional Reverse Mortgage was established in 2004 by founder James Favilla with a vision of becoming the leading local based reverse mortgage broker for people over 62. Providing local service in the community , is important because it's personalized attention given to the applicant.

Since 2002, James Favilla has developed an award-winning reputation as trusted name for senior consumers and their families. Dedicating 20 years of mortgage origination and management, has allowed me to become an expert in the reverse mortgage industry to help guide consumers to financial freedom with a reverse mortgage. Always giving the consumer and their families the right advice; consulting, educating, and guiding them, hands on from the initial reverse mortgage application al the way through to closing.

If your in NJ call local 732-239-4855       If your in NY call local  347-983-9658